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Promenades in the park of the Konstantin palace

“Baltic Star” hotel is surrounded by the park of the Konstantin palace which total area is over 200 hectares. Along with the Summer Garden and the park of Peterhof, the park of the Konstantin palace is one of the first three Russian parks built in French regular style. The residents of the “Baltic Star” hotel have a wonderful opportunity to make a promenade of the picturesque park.

Excursions to the wine cellars of the Konstantinovsky Palace

On a tour of the palace cellars, an experienced sommelier tells about the history of winemaking, successful harvests and the varietal composition of wines. Then the guests move to the tasting rooms, where they learn the basics of wine drinking in a comfortable atmosphere, learn to open bouquets of wines and simply communicate on topics of interest to them. We offer various tasting options from 1,500 rubles per person (minimum group of 6 people).

Телефон для заказа дегустации: +7 (812) 438-57-15

Excursions and exhibitions

Take a dip into the world of history and art. Our professional guides will help you to do that. You can visit the halls of the Konstantin palace and permanent exposition of the palace: “The Collection of the Konstantin palace” - an exposition which is based on the collection of Russian art of XVII-XX centuries of the well-known musicians M. Rostropovich and G. Vishnevskaya.

To find out more call: +7 (812) 438-5350
+7 (812) 438-5360, +7 (812) 438-5365.

SPA center

Treat yourself to a relaxing time in the SPA area of the Baltic Star Hotel, where you can visit the sauna, swimming pool, hamam and gym. 

 For more information, please call: +7 (812) 438-57-37

Kids room

We invite your children to visit the new children's room at the Baltic Star Hotel. Kitchen, cars, dolls, soft constructors, dry pool, rocking chairs, books and much more!

Laundry and dry cleaning

We offer dry cleaning and laundry services to the guests of the hotel. For more information, please contact the reception: +7 (812) 438-5700


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